A life worth living is a life comprised of unbeaten paths leading into uncharted territories. We are all having wildly different experiences. As such, we all deserve wildly different processes.

This is why I work with my clients exclusively in environments where I can delve into—and breakthrough—their subjective experience and their personal blocks.

Private Sessions

In person or virtual
Private sessions are for those looking to amplify their life—for people who want to live bigger and leave more legacy by releasing what’s keeping them stuck in their career or relationship or business.

All private sessions begin with a chakra reading. Chakras are energy centers in your body that regulate organ function, the immune system and emotions. In assessing your energy centers, I’ll meet you exactly where you are each day.

In these private sessions we’ll use a combination of nutrition, breathwork, movement, meditation and even essential oils.

And, if you want to, we’ll talk.

Talking has tremendous therapeutic benefits.

All private sessions are an hour long.

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Growth happens when you’re grounded. My retreats are equal parts comfort and construction. I’m committed to creating a safe space for you to step into what you really want—in your career, in your relationship, and in your life. Are you committed to stepping into it?

Join me.

Coming Fall 2017